October 24, 2020


12:30-5:30pm EST

The videos will be available for 10 days after the conference.

$50 per coach
$30 per athlete

Registration deadline October 22.

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Join Varsity University for our VU Virtual 4 Coaches Conference. Varsity University is the leader in Cheerleading and Dance coaching education programs. This course has been approved for a maximum of 5 hours of professional development units. Individuals are responsible for claiming only those hours actually spent participating in the Continuing Education activity and reporting to appropriate entities.

Keynote Speaker
Bill Seely

Kevin Atlas

Featured Speakers
Avery Watson: How to Be & Cultivate a Leader
Bill Ahern: NFHS Cheer Rule Updates & Pyramids and New Transitions
Brian Bridges: Pep Rallies- Bringing Back School Spirit
Brian Cao: Athlete Masterclass
James Speed: Developing an Effective Stunt Regime
Karen Lew: Leadership in a Culture of Change
Kelly Gerleve: All Things Game Day
Madiha Corning: Scoring- Making Every Point Count
Mark Coleman: Athlete’s Role of Working with Your Coach
Sarah D’Agostino: Social Media- The Gen Z Advantage
Tony Nash: Maximizing Potential through Effective Practices

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