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Tony Nash | Maximizing Athlete Potential

Lark Wood | 5 Things Championship Teams Need

Bill Ahern | Advanced & Elite Stunts

LeRoy McCullough | Restructuring Your Teams & Practices

Ronnie Patrick | Maximizing Your Choreography Session

Ashley Cormier | Maximizing Your Score Sheet

Blake Johnson | Destination Motivation

Cameron Larsen | What’s New for 2020-2021

Courtenay Carrel | DIY Choreography

Carrie Nichols | Prepping Athletes for College

Bill Ahern | Pyramids

Sarah D’Agostino | Social Media and Promotion

Bill Ahern | Beginner & Intermediate Stunt

Tayler Easton | Cheering for Non Traditional Sports

Courtenay Carrel | Game Day for Your Fans

Cenie Royal | Leadership

Stefanie Irick | Social Mental Awareness

Jim Lord | School Rules Changes

Ingrid Caruso | Strength & Conditioning

Bill Ahern | Stunts

Jeff Webb | Built to Last

Matthew Goto | College Choreography

Michelle Sabourin | Team Talks

Kirby Lynch | Game Day Traditions

Phil O’Neill | Connecting During Corona

Nicole Nichols | Alumni Communication & Relationships

Josh McCurdy | The V!ROC Experience

Brian Bridges | Mapping Out Your Year

Austin Robles | Creating Culture in Your Program

Kelly Gerleve | All Things Game Day

Katie Bowers | Preparing for Competition

Rob Ellery | Athlete Development

Asia Chatman | Good Coaching Practice

Season Daugherty | Recreational Introduction

Steve Wright | Tumbling Progression & Fundamentals

Michele Truelove | Getting the Most out of Practice

Orry Clayborne | Recreational Rules

Matthew Goto | DIY Choreography

Lauri Harris | A Special Message from USA Cheer

Captain U | Recruiting for Your Program