Hear from coaches just like you!

The rich conversations today prove that we as coaches are one resilient bunch. Love seeing all the collaboration happening here and in other topic chats!

Tara Yantis

Thanks to Varsity and all the amazing speakers. Best of luck to everyone in their season.

Jennifer Ramirez

This was my first ever conference as a coach and I am so inspired. Thank you for all the work that was put into making this happen. So grateful!


Thank you! Lots of great info and just inspiration that we ALL can get through this together.

Rachelle Kiehle

I’ve enjoyed attending the National Dance Coaches Conference the last 2 years. It was disappointment that it was cancelled due to COVID. Thank you Varsity University for making this available virtually. Glued to everything Bill Seely is saying. This is amazing. Excited for the rest of the speakers.


Huge thank you to Varsity University for hosting the first virtual Dance Coaches Conference! What an amazing past 2 days of learning & growing during a time when we all feel a wealth of uncertainty about our upcoming seasons!

Christina George

Thank you Varsity Spirit for a jam packed Varsity University Coaches Conference! Great speakers and classes!

Huntley Dance Team

Day two of coaches training! Today we are participating in Varsity University – 2020 National Coaches Conference. Thank you to Varsity Spirit for facilitating this great event!

University of New Haven

Bill Seely and Brian Bridges are two of the most positive influences I’ve met through the last 12 years coaching! Keep doing amazing things men!!!

Jennifer Morrill

Brian Bridges was AWESOME! Can’t wait to watch again and again! Thanks so much!

Amanda Reid

Great scheduling to have a high energy presenter toward the ending. BRAVO ALL SPEAKERS today!! Thank you Varsity University!

Amanda Kimble

Really enjoyed this, thanks! I feel like I can always take a few unique things away from these choreography sessions. Today was no exception!


Thank you! This was great! Such great info. Can’t wait to take it back to my team.

Stephanie Eickhoff Niemi

I feel like a better coach already! Thank you so much!!

Sierra Aichner

Thank you all so much, I’m super excited about getting this year started!!!

Stephanie Smith

Thank you so much Varsity. As someone located overseas, this virtual opportunity is greatly appreciated. I hope that there will be many more in the future.

Theresa King

Thank you so much! As a new coach this helped me get ideas for the start of our season! I will definitely be attending the next one in May!


As a team all the way from the tiny island of Barbados we genuinely appreciate and love this virtual conference!

SMS Cougars

Thank you so much Matthew [Goto]! Such a great presentation! So entertaining and upbeat!

Rosie Tombolo

I really needed this to make me feel some sense of normalcy! I really miss my girls!!!

Jennifer Morrill

Excellent conference! Thank you Varsity!

Toni Johnson

This was such a great Virtual Coaches Conference!!! I am so grateful for this afternoon being able to enjoy Cheerleading and Coaching during this quarantine!!! Missing it all so much! Can’t wait to share this information with our coaches. Hey! Go Streaks!!!

Andrea Schoonover-Daly

Thank you so much, this was so insightful. Going into my second year coaching I am looking forward to next season!

Savanna Hayden