Varsity University All Star Cheer and Dance conferences give coaches and gym owners the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and outside professionals to grow their businesses and promote the all star community. Varsity University All Star is committed to partnering with gyms to continue creating life-enriching experiences through All Star cheer and dance.  In its first three years, Varsity University All Star summer conferences have had over 5,000 attendees. We are excited to bring Varsity University to the International community.

Sample Session Topics

  • Learning the Varsity All Star Scoring System
  • Inventive Stunts & Transitions: Levels 1-6
  • Peer to Peer Roundtables
  • Creating the Growth Mindset in Your Gym
  • It May Be Mental…………….
  • How to Coach a Team vs. How to Build a Team
  • Protecting Yourself:  Legal Liabilities in Coaching
  • Jumps: Hyperextending & Improving Your Jumps
  • What to do When the Unexpected Happens? Are you Prepared?
  • Designing and Implementing a Strength and Conditioning Program that Works
  • Coaching and Sportsmanship: You are the Role Model
  • Stretching and Flexibility Workshops
  • Choreographing your Pyramids
  • Above the Line: Advanced Coaching Strategies
The American Cheer staff loved the Varsity University All Star conference. [The event included] tons of practical and innovative information that we’re going to start implementing . . . I wish we could stay and learn more!
Jason Larkins
The Varsity University All Star Conference [was the] best one I’ve ever attended…. all of the sessions were amazing. Varsity, you outdid yourselves.
Cheryl Thomes