Varsity University, an enterprise developed by Varsity Brands, offers comprehensive educational programming to coaches and school administrators nationwide. Through customized curriculum design, program development services and educational seminars we provide the information and resources needed to achieve in every aspect of sport.

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VU Lacrosse Camps

Attend a camp to better yourself both individually and as a team.


Much different from other team camps, VU Lacrosse Camps include individual player instruction every single day. VU Lacrosse Camps also include coaching education seminars to help coaches gain lacrosse-specific knowledge and overcome coaching obstacles.

VU has developed an innovative new practice plan for players and coaches to implement during camp. The VU Lacrosse camp format allows coaches to use drills learned in breakout sessions while the players simultaneously begin to implement lessons learned in individual training.


Players will also have the chance to win on an individual level. During VU Camp Combine, participants will complete special lacrosse drills testing speed/agility, stick skills and shot speed. At the end of the week, Camp Combine Drill champions will be selected.


VU Lacrosse camps brings all aspects of lacrosse into the team camp concept. This is the place for a team to take great strides both on and off the field.

But that’s not all!

The final session of each camp day will include tournament style games between all teams. At the end of the week, a tournament champion will be crowned

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