Virtual Varsity University

Join us! Learn, grow and develop with coaches just like you at the Virtual Varsity University Cheer Coaches’ Conference from the comfort of your home. This Varsity University is tailored to cheer coaches across the country.

November 11-12, 2022


10am central

$70 per coach

Questions? Contact your State Director.


Kim Buie – Game Day Choreography: Tips and Tricks for Success

Stan Tabor – Team Building Ideas and Activities

Brian Bridges – Basketball Pep Rally Ideas: Strategies to Plan and Execute the Best Pep Rally

Cenie Royal – Developing Your Team Captains & Leaders

Kirby Lynch – Getting the Most Out of Your Athletes

Cindi Hadfield – Top Ten Things Every Coach Should Knowand Do

Olivia Miller – Getting Your Team Ready for Competition

Megan Gomarlo (Lawton) – Creating and Celebrating a Well-Rounded Year for You and Your Team

Demonde Gladman – Mastering Your Coach Personality: Effective Mindset Methods

Bill Ahern – Effective Technique for All Stunts

Stefani Irick – Health and Fitness Strategies to Use All Winter

Becky Gennings – Join the Club, The Culture Club