Social Media

The Social Media Module contains three courses: one for educators, one for coaches and one for students. Each course includes a 15 minute instructional video, comprehensive lesson plans, and a 10-question quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, participants will receive a certificate earning one professional development hour, endorsed by Sterling College. The accompanying lesson plans can be utilized during homeroom, activity periods, or team meetings. Course lessons vary in length, providing the administrator the autonomy to lengthen or shorten as needed.

Social Media 101:  Protecting Yourself
Course Description:  Through social media, today’s teachers have the ability to put information into the palm of any student’s hand.  This course provides the information necessary to use any major social platform, along with insider tips to take daily lessons beyond the classroom and into the world of online engagement. This course also includes the dos and don’ts of online interaction with students, equipping educators the tools required to maintain a responsible and professional student/teacher discourse.

Social Media 102:  More Than Just a Post
Course Description:  For high school athletic programs, social media has the potential to boost fan following and drive school spirit. But with so many social platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where we come in. In this course, coaches will learn the basics of every major social media network, with a focus on how each platform can be utilized to communicate to athletes, rally fans, and please parents.

Social Media 103:  Branding Yourself
Course Description:  These days, most students are active on social media. But, many struggle to use social media professionally and responsibly. This course can help teachers educate students about their “digital footprint” and how a social media presence can work to their professional advantage (or disadvantage). With lessons ranging from online security to social media literacy, this course will help your students maximize their relationship to social media.