The Leadership Module contains three courses: one for educators, one for coaches and one for students. Each course includes a 15 minute instructional video, comprehensive lesson plans, and a 10-question quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, participants will receive a certificate earning one professional development hour, endorsed by Sterling College. The accompanying lesson plans can be utilized during homeroom, activity periods, or team meetings. Course lessons vary in length, providing the administrator the autonomy to lengthen or shorten as needed.

Leadership 101:  Cultivating Leaders
Course Description: In our rapidly diversifying world, educators must be able to create an environment where students of all backgrounds can lead and succeed. This course gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on current classroom culture, leadership style and teaching trends, with a focus on implementing inclusive and equitable classroom practices. Ultimately, teachers will receive the information necessary to effectively cultivate leadership among an increasingly diverse student population.

Leadership 102: Leadership Through Motivation
Course Description:  Coaches juggle numerous leadership roles, from instructor to mentor to counselor to friend. But, in order to inspire athletic achievement, coaches must develop strong motivation skills. In this course, lessons on effective constructive criticism, conflict management and leadership style are paired with a breakdown of the psychology of motivation. Coaches will develop a more sophisticated understanding of the brain’s response to various motivators. Together, these lessons will become your school’s go-to toolkit for athletic success.

Leadership 103: Developing Leadership in the Digital Era
Course Description:  Good leaders come in many forms, and every student has the ability to lead when presented with an environment that caters to their specific passions and skills. In this course, teachers get a crash course on the most common leadership styles, with a focus on the relationship between personality and proficiency. In essence, this course will enable teachers to empower students to recognize their skill sets and play to their strengths.