Varsity University All Star Cheer and Dance conferences give coaches and gym owners the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and outside professionals to grow their businesses and promote the all star community. Varsity University All Star is committed to partnering with gyms to continue creating life-enriching experiences through All Star cheer and dance.  In its first three years, Varsity University All Star summer conferences have had over 5,000 attendees at locations in California, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Washington, Massachusetts,  and Rhode Island.

2021 Virtual All Star Cheer & Dance Conferences

 Virtual Gym Owners | July 9-10
Virtual | August 13-14
Europe | August 20-21

More information coming soon!

Looking for an in-person event? Join us in Las Vegas, NV.

Trying to join a live conference and not sure where to go? Click here.